Recycling of Rotor Blades


Online | INT 21-65-01






09:30 - 13:00 Uhr


INT 21-65-01


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Wind turbine blades are challenging to recycle due to the composite materials used in their production. As a significant proportion of the installed EU wind fleet will come to the end of its lifetime between 2020 and 2030, the wind industry is required to deal with the challenge of how to dispose of rotor blades.  

While various technologies exist to recycle blades, and an increasing number of companies offer composite recycling services, most solutions are not yet widely available and cost-competitive.

In this web seminar, you will

  • Get a regulatory overview of the European waste management and become acquainted with the land-fill ban initiative
  • Learn about the demands wind farm operators should make on recycling service providers
  • Hear about industrialized decommissioning of rotor blades as a business opportunity
  • Get an insight into the reutilisation of cement extracted by processing of rotor blades
  • Find out more about the pros and cons of different technologies and the development of potential standards.

Book this WebSeminar and discuss with us how to improve the sustainability in the use of GRP and how to meet present and future requirements for disposing of rotor blades.